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Welcome to Green Fitness - Personal Training for Randwick, Maroubra, South Coogee and Malabar


Here at Green Fitness, we strongly believe that people can enjoy getting fit when they are presented with the right support and atmosphere from their trainers. That is why all of our sessions are built while keeping this in mind. From personal sessions to our small group training in Sydney, we tailor our programs to ensure they are fun, achievable and effective.

Personal Trainers Don’t Have to be Nasty

We believe the best group sessions are those that leave the clients feeling happy with their achievements and eager to return. Our small group training in Randwick, South Coogee, Malabar and Maroubra do just that. We pride ourselves on offering our clients fun and interactive sessions that can be enjoyed outdoors. We adapt our sessions to the needs of clients and cater to every fitness level from beginner to advanced.

We stray from using yelling and aggressive techniques to motivate individuals and prefer to use positive encouragement to help our clients achieve and exceed their fitness goals. With a friendly personal trainer who is equipped with the right knowledge and tools, we believe that anybody has the potential to improve themselves both in body and in mind.

Group Fitness has its Added Bonuses

Besides being a fun and social event to do with friends or make new ones, group fitness provides other benefits that you can only find when working out with others.  Firstly, it provides accountability, whereby if you don’t show up, you’ll be letting someone else down.  You and your fellow fitness members help motivate each other by doing it together.

Want Something More Personalised?

If you’re living in Randwick, Maroubra, Malabar or South Coogee and looking for a personal training session with one of our professional personal trainers, then we can do that for you too.  Our personal training sessions at Maroubra Beach will get you out in the fresh air and sunshine as our highly motivational trainers keep you accountable for your own personal goals.

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